Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits

Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits is a witty romp packed with fabulous characters, sparkling scenarios, and a big twist in the tale. Cordelia Tanner, the world’s leading designer of luxury shoes, inadvertently destroys the global shoe industry when she devises Footloose, a wearable holographic shoe technology and almost everyone stops buying real shoes. Shoe-maggedon!

Drink: A Tippler’s Miscellany

Drink: A Tippler’s Miscellany is packed with fascinating miscellany and curious facts to entertain your friends at the pub, this book is an essential compendium of knowledge about booze, from how to make absinthe to the cultural history of zythos (beer). Bottoms up!

The Philosophy of Gin

The Philosophy of Gin is a rollicking ride through the history of gin. Few if any alcoholic drinks have the multifaceted history of gin. It has served as a crucial medicine, a form of escapism, an inspiration for satirical art, and a source for the phrase ‘Dutch courage’. You’ll be Dr of Philosophy (gin division) before you know it!

The Philosophy of Beer

The Philosophy of Beer is an enlightening and engaging book. It examines the significance of beer to humans throughout recorded history, how beer has been used as medicine for thousands of years, why the adoption of hops in brewing was revolutionary, how to match beer with food, and other fascinating subjects to turn you into a Beer mastermind!

Brilliant Britain

Brilliant Britain is an entertaining compendium of the marvellous quirks, oddities and idiosyncrasies that define our nation. This book lifts the lid on Britain’s rich heritage of eccentricity and diversity, exploring unique rites and peculiar traditions.