The Philosophy of Gin

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Gin lovers!  A concise gin history book so you can read about gin history and origin.

It also makes the perfect gift for a gin drinking friend. The Philosophy of Gin is a rollicking ride through the history of gin & also includes a guide for the perfect G & T.  You’ll be Dr of Philosophy (gin division) before you know it!

Few if any alcoholic drinks have the dramatic and multifaceted history of gin. It has served as a crucial medicine, a form of escapism, an inspiration for satirical art, and a source for the phrase ‘Dutch courage’.

Written by Jane Peyton, award-winning writer and Principal of the School of Booze.  If you drink beer you may want to read The Philosophy of Beer, or if you are interested in drinks trivia, the Drink:  A Tippler’s Miscellany is for you or as a gift for a friend. 


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