The Philosophy of Beer

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A concise beer history book full of beer facts and trivia and how beer changed the world.

For at least 13,000 years Beer, the world’s favourite alcoholic drink, has been keeping humans happy and their social lives healthy. The Philosophy of Beer, an enlightening and engaging book, examines the significance of beer to humans throughout recorded history, how beer has been used as medicine for thousands of years, why the adoption of hops in brewing was revolutionary, how to taste beer like a pro, how to match beer with food, and other fascinating subjects to turn you into a Beer mastermind!

Written by Jane Peyton, beer sommelier, award-winning writer, and Principal of the School of Booze.  If you drink gin then check out Jane’s book The Philosophy of Gin or if you are interested in drinks trivia, the Drink:  A Tippler’s Miscellany is for you or as a gift for a friend. 


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