Sole Brethren: Left To Their Own Devices

A novel by B.A. Summer


Cordelia Tanner has a fabulous life of fun, frolics, and footwear which takes an unexpected detour when she discovers a unique skill. This leads her to amateur sleuthing and solving impossible to crack cases for an international policing agency using an unconventional weapon – her extraordinary psychic ability.

When she is not bringing unsavoury characters to justice, she has larks galore with her adorable twin brother Rex and their best friend, the dazzling Elodie l’Archambeau.  After they decide to have a giggle by fooling the world into believing their nursery school level daubs are by a secretive new art collective they make powerful enemies.  How are they going to wriggle out of this worrisome situation?

Sole Brethren:  Left To Their Own Devices is the second in the Sole Brethren series after If The Shoe Fits and features the further adventures of the loveable Cordelia, Rex, and Elodie, in a story about family, friendship, jollity and a sprinkling of magic.


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