Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits

The new novel by B.A. Summer

Cordelia Tanner never intended to cause such a ballyhoo when she invented Footloose, an ingenious holographic technology that gives the magical illusion of a person wearing wondrous shoes when underneath they have on their comfy slippers.

Talk about unintended consequences! Suddenly storm clouds gather over her perfect life of beauty and culture with darling twin brother Rex and adorable friends. Dastardly footwear mogul Richard ‘Call Me Rich Because I am’ Nailer is intent on wreaking revenge for Footloose destroying the global shoe business.

Fortunately for Cordelia she can periodically escape the shenanigans through her mind-blowing psychic ability that permits her to enter historic realms and visit, amongst others, the charming Lancelot, 18th century superstar Master of Ceremonies to High Society. When she realises that performing psychomatricks with her best friend, the enigmatic Elodie L’Archambeau, multiplies the effects, this presents them with opportunities and adventures they could never have imagined. This ability unexpectedly leads Cordelia and Elodie to track down stolen property which Globo Pol, the international policing organisation, finds so useful, it engages them as clandestine psychic detectives and utilises their talents to solve hard-to-crack cases.

This witty romp is packed with fabulous characters, sparkling scenarios, and has a big twist in the tale.


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