Meet B. A. Summer

Thank you for visiting my author’s page. B.A. Summer is my pen name for fiction. My real name is Jane Peyton and I write non-fiction under that name. I am the founder of the School of Booze (an events, education, writing, broadcasting consultancy). My previous published writing includes books, about alcoholic drinks, architecture & design, and British traditions.


Sole Brethren, My First Novel

“Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits” is my first novel and she is a child of the Covid 19 pandemic because despite conceiving the idea for Cordelia Tanner and Footloose in 2010 I never had the time to write it.  That was until lockdown started in the UK in March 2020 when Cordelia and Rex became my constant companions as I disappeared into the world of House of Tanner and the Weasel Pleasure Gardens. Even though, thanks to the pandemic, my real life social life had largely ceased, I was having a brilliant time in my head with my new fictitious best friends!

I’ve written the type of novel I enjoy reading but find hard to source.  I’m keen on stories with imaginative, magical elements, lovable colourful characters in a community that has a sense of place and makes me want to live there and be friends with the characters. I love pubs and have had some of my best times in boozers around Britain so for Sole Brethren I included The Weasel, my perfect but fictitious hostelry, where characters would meet for drinks, food, celebrations, plotting, entertainment, rest & relaxation, flirting, meetings – all the reasons why people go to pubs in real life!

Cordelia, Rex, and Elodie lived in my head for almost three years before Sole Brethren was published and as far as I am concerned, they can take up permanent residency. They are such good company and I wish I could have a glass of Bonheur with them.  But more than anything, having inherited my Dad’s feet, I wish some technological genius would devise Footloose in real life so I can wear Cordelia’s wondrous digital creations over my comfy slippers.

A Sequel Is Coming

I hope you enjoy reading “Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits” and love the characters as much as I do! I am currently working on a sequel called “Sole Brethren: Left To Their Own Devices” featuring the further adventures of Cordelia, Rex, and Elodie. I have no publication date yet but if you want to be alerted with updates please sign up to my mailing list.

B.A. Summer (aka Jane Peyton), Brighton, England.